Mailing Address

Douglas County Republican Party

P.O. Box 370 Winston, GA, 30187

Rules of the Douglas County GOP

These are the by-laws that govern the activity and operations of the Republican Party in Douglas County.

Map of Voting Precincts

Download a high resolution PDF file of Douglas County's 25 voting precincts.

Precinct Chair Handbook

A comprehensive guide to help you understand the responsibilities and power of being a Precinct Chair.

Precinct Officer Job Descriptions

Each precinct is represented by a team of volunteers led by an elected Precinct Chair.

Precinct Chair Login

Use this to access the voter data for your precinct.

Christopher Rufo has assembled a guide to explain what Critical Race Theory is, how to identify it in your child's school, and how to fight against it and win.  Check out this guide at

Board of Education Information

We encourage parents to participate in every meeting of the Douglas County Board of Education.  Being present and getting to know the members of the School Board is an important step to ensuring our children receive the best in education and that parents have a voice in what happens in our local schools.

2021 School Board Meeting Schedule

Board of Education Public Participation Form

Public Participation in Board Meetings Policy

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