We have FIVE AMAZING CANDIDATES running for local office here in Douglas County in 2022.  We also have a State House candidate and US House candidate who are long time residents of Douglas County.  

This is the year that Republicans all over Douglas County STAND UP and fight for change.

Each of these amazing candidates are working hard to garner support and win voters over to the Republican cause.  These Republican candidates need YOUR HELP to win!

I'm asking every member of the Douglas County GOP to be willing to invest one or two hours over the next 30 days to help these candidates get the votes they need to win.  We can help these candidates in simple, traditional ways such as

  • knocking on doors
  • making phone calls
  • waving signs 
  • handing out flyers at events
  • giving a donation

If you are willing to step up and support your local candidates with some of your time please fill out the form below.  I'll have a member of our team contact you soon to discuss how you can get involved and HELP US WIN in 2022!


Daniel Wiley Chairman, Douglas County GOP


Donate to the Victory Fund