Precinct Power Meeting

Let's Change Things


We need YOU if we are going to make a difference in Douglas County.  True change happens on a grassroots level.  Our plan to take back Douglas County begins on the grassroots level in each voting precinct.  We will win the county precinct by precinct.  We can only do this by empowering everyday people with the knowledge and power they need to bring about the kind of change we need.

The people who designed the American political system were truly brilliant.  The problem is that so many politicians and party leaders have gotten away from how the system was designed to work.  It is designed to work by citizens being active and empowered in their local community.

Our Chairman, Daniel Wiley, and other members of the County Committee will be teaching how to organize and implement an effective grassroots strategy to win elections.

If you want to learn how you can bring about dynamic change here in Douglas County then sign up below to attend our Precinct Power Meeting.

If you live outside of Douglas County, GA and are wanting to join the Zoom event, please register at


WHEN: Friday, June 11, 6:30 pm

WHERE: Douglasville Baptist Temple (Fellowship Hall)

For more information contact our Chairman, Daniel Wiley at 404-519-3793 or at