The Good Work

2021 Municipal Elections

The Douglas County Republican Party has one purpose.  Finding candidates who will fight for the conservative values that resonate with residents of Douglas County and doing our very best to ensure they have the votes needed to get elected to public office.

We want a return to policies that align with the biblical values our country was founded on. We want decisions on spending that support and strengthen local families and local businesses instead of padding the pockets of government. We want elected officials that are willing to go against the grain to stand up for the things that are important to the everyday people of Douglas County. We want candidates who are passionate about engaging with the public, because they value people, not because they want a vote.

There are two candidates who are running in the upcoming municipal election who have been actively engaged in our activities and believe in what the Republican Party is trying to accomplish here in Douglas County.  We want to throw our full support behind these candidates as they run for office in an effort to improve the lives of our families and all the residents of the City of Douglasville.

Partnerships are powerful and we are glad to be working together in our community with amazing candidates like these.


We need volunteers who will help these candidates engage with voters over the phone and face-to-face.  We want to ensure that the residents of Douglasville know when and where to vote in the upcoming municipal election.  If you would like to volunteer a few hours of your time to help these candidates please fill out the form below.


Many people don't realize that oftentimes a candidate in a local election spends a lot of their personal funds to run for office and represent their neighbors in local government.  We want to help support candidates that are willing to fight for our values.  We give of our time and we give of our finances to help influence change in our community.

100% of the funds donated in this campaign will go to the campaign efforts of these conservative candidates running in the municipal election.