Email sent on 5/25/2021

Letter from the Chairman


I have to say I am truly amazed at the amount of excitement I am seeing from conservative patriots all across Douglas County. It seems like every day I am hearing someone tell their story about how they have "woken up" and realized there is battle going on between conservative Americans and the marxist Left for the very future of our country. Even people who have traditionally voted democrat are seeing that the Democrat party has abandoned personal liberty, family values, civic virtues, and people of faith.

This fight for the future of our country starts right here in Douglas County. The Republican Party is training and organizing to prepare for an all out political battle in the 2022 elections. We are preparing by focusing on these things...

  • Recruiting precinct officers to represent and speak for the voters in each voting precinct.
  • Training our precinct leaders how to organize an effective grassroots strategy.
  • Training conservatives patriots how to run for local political offices.
  • Empowering everyone who is willing to invest their time to be a part of our plan to win back Douglas County.

Which brings me to this.  Who is responsible for bringing about change in America when it is needed?

It is incumbent upon each of us to take action if we want to see change take place. The Douglas County Republican Party wants to partner with you to take action in our community. If you want to find out more, then I want to see you at our Precinct Power event coming up on June 11th. You can register online at

Be sure to check us out on social media as well to stay up to date with what's happening in your Party.

God bless you and thank you for all you do to make America great!

Daniel Wiley / Chairman, Douglas County GOP / 404.519.3793 / @Danillus on GAB