State Legislature Email

Hello State Senator / State Representative,

I'm reaching out to inquire as to what is in the works within the State Legislature to address the newest revelations about the 2020 General Election.

The recent reporting from the Georgia Star News was very revealing in that Fulton County does not have (and may never have had) the 385 transfer forms representing 18,901 absentee ballots. I'm told that the Secretary of State is planning on investigating. But as I'm sure you understand, many Georgians, especially Republicans, have lost all faith in Mr. Raffensperger as back in December he essentially gave Fulton County's election a stamp of approval and assured Georgians that only three counties had failed to provide the required transfer forms (Fulton County not being one of the three).

With the news of State Senators Brandon Beach and Burch Jones visiting the audit facility in Maricopa County, AZ, with the intent of initiating an audit here in Georgia, there is a lot of interest across the state and especially here in Douglas County as to what action the State Legislature will be taking.
Here in Douglas County the newly elected County Committee has been very busy collaborating and training volunteers to ensure we are filling every vacant precinct officer position with a conservative activist as well as implementing our plan to communicate one on one with every Republican voter by the end of the year. We had a huge turnout for a recent precinct officer training session and are expecting another blowout representation at our upcoming Victory Breakfast on June 26.

I know we will receive many questions and I would like to have information to give our Republican members as well as provide them with any actions steps that you believe would be beneficial to help you with your work.
Thank you for the hard work you are doing in the State Capital. I know it can sometimes feel like tireless work. Know that as long as you represent the interests of the good, conservative Republicans of Douglas County, we stand behind you, support you, and will defend your work.

Also, at our upcoming Victory Breakfast we are going to take time to pray for each of our elected officials that represent us in the State Capital. I welcome any prayer request you may have, professional or personal. We will gladly join with you in prayer.

Daniel Wiley
Chairman, Douglas County GOP